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Public Speaker. Combat Veteran. Inspiring audiences through perspectives from the battlefield.
Since being wounded in combat and retiring from active duty, I’ve continued “fighting for something bigger than myself – YOU” . I transitioned from being a special operator in the military to “what’s next” and the only real change, was the uniform. Through public speaking, I’m committed to the mission of Serving Others. Highlighting perspectives and experiences from military combat, and emphasizing the many similarities From the Battlefield to Business.

I was the “Tip of the Spear”…Until I wasn’t. Now, I recognize how insignificant I was without EVERYONE supporting me. It takes ALL of us to accomplish the Mission – No matter the battlefield.What battlefield has your team, organization, or company found themselves on today? Whether you’re celebrating a major milestone or struggling through a season, they’re in this TOGETHER! Let’s tailor an engagement that’s specific to your mission and meaningful for your greatest asset, your people! .
The Art of Strategic Conversations

Strategic Conversations Maestro

Elevate your events with a skilled facilitator who tailors dynamic conversations, fostering engagement and precision for strategic success.
Johnnie Yellock II - Keynote Speaker

Impactful Keynote Speaker

Every company, event and audience is unique. Let’s connect and guarantee YOUR definition of Mission Success is achieved!

Johnnie Yellock II - Panel Moderator

Engaging Panel Moderator

I’ll spark collaborative conversation & foster openness that brings out the best in panelists while adhering to time & content constraints.

Johnnie Yellock II - Event Emcee

Dynamic Event Emcee

I’ll read the room, adjust on the fly and add the appropriate level of humor or seriousness that keeps your guests engaged and in the moment! 

Decoding Inspiration

Key Points Of Johnnie’s Message

Passionately committed to serving others, we strive to make a positive impact and empower communities with unwavering dedication.
Higher Achievement

Higher Achievement

Celebrating a major milestone? Let’s acknowledge and elevate!

Organization Motivation


Stuck in a rut? Let’s rally the troops toward mission success!

Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming Adversity

In the midst of a culture shock? Let’s recalibrate and bounce back!

Change Management

Change Management

Experiencing significant change? Let’s stay mission focused and persevere!

Achieving Teamwork


Segmented and lacking cohesiveness? Let’s boost engagement and collaborate!

Developing Authenticity


Ready to talk about Mental Health issues? Let’s lower the walls and inspire!


What People Are Saying

When we first met Staff Sergeant Johnnie Yellock three years ago, he was simply known as our local hometown hero moving into the neighborhood. Adkins Elementary wanted to celebrate him and his heroism, but in return, in pure Yellock style, we were awed by the manner in which he connected with our students. During assemblies, he would have the entire school, adults and children alike, hanging onto his every word. His natural ability to relate complex concepts in an easy to understand manner has helped Adkins Aviators understand what it means to serve our country and to see our military servicemen and women as the Guardians of our peace. SSgt Yellock embodies our mission of Learn. Connect. Serve.

Erin Vennel, Principal, Dorothy P. Adkins Elementary, Denton ISD

What Johnnie brought to a gymnasium full of middle school students must have been laced with some sort of unfamiliar magic. It’s not often this principal sees over six-hundred thirteen year old students so captivated, each processing the message Johnnie so eloquently delivered. I appreciate the way Johnnie tailors his message for his audience, sacrificing nothing of patriotic passion, but smartly shaping his points that then resonate with those fortunate enough to hear them.

Ryan Wilson, Carroll Sr. High School

You didn’t just present a “story,” you connected with a group that possesses their own struggles with what the future holds. Your experience spoke to not only veterans, but anyone who faces challenges. Hearing how your military dreams were literally crushed and how you chose to overcome and see your dreams in a different light is such a universal lesson for us all. So many commented that your energy, spirit, love for our country, and love for the Lord was inspiring. Veterans in the group still talk about the connection they felt with you and others in the group said they could “listen to you all day” due to the easy way in which you presented. Personally, I am honored to know you and call you friend! May God continue to bless and enrich your life and you share your life with others!

Whites Chapel UMC

It is my pleasure to recommend Johnnie Yellock II as a speaker who can, and does have a significant impact on his audiences! Jonnie ministered to our men at our Military Appreciation Breakfast with a powerful and passionate message for them. Johnnie was engaging, entertaining, and knew how to bring the message home. A perfect speaker for us on all fronts!

Pastor Rich Green - Compass Church



and listen to those who struggle.

Johnnie's Inspiring Words

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“Johnnie’s words transcend inspiration, compelling all to persevere and pay attention, creating a ripple effect of empathy and resilience in every heart.”
U.S. Army
United States Coast Guard
Brasfield & Gorrie
U.S. Air Force
Carroll ISD - Southlake, Texas
Rotary International
Daughters of the American Revolution
Duncan Williams Asset Mgmt
George W. Bush Presidential Center
Lewisville ISD
Veterans Airlift Command
University Texas at Austin
Mr. Cooper Group
Global Focus Marketing & Distribution
City of Highland Village
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